Areas of Practice

We are experts in criminal law.

Our focus is on white collar and criminal tax evasion law. For a long time now, we have no longer been "just" defence lawyers. The law of criminal offenses has long been a steering instrument of the legislator and effects are massive. Commercial criminal law affects companies and individuals, as decision-makers in day-to-day business, as those affected by investigations and as injured parties. National and international investigative and supervisory authorities are numerous and need experienced contacts with a high level of integrity. We provide preventive advice to avoid criminal investigations and to avert harm to you and the company. We bring our decades of experience and valued expertise in national and international proceedings to the defence as well as to preventive (compliance) advice, witness support and damage prosecution.

Advising and Representing Individuals

We will advise and and defend you in the event of investigations by all investigating, tax, control and supervisory authorities and exercise your rights vis-à-vis public prosecutors and the courts in the event of a search, seizure of assets and arrest. If you are the accused, our aim is to minimize the negative effects of the criminal proceedings and, if possible, to prevent a public trial. We develop a custom-fit defence strategy based on our extensive knowledge and experience, but always tailored to your singular situation. In doing so, we always keep an eye on avoiding the non-criminal consequences (civil service and professional law, company law, public-law reliability, etc.). Should legal proceedings nevertheless ensue, we will stand up for you in the courtroom, in all instances, with all our knowledge and profound litigation experience. 

If you are involved as a witness, such as in principle in a parliamentary investigation committee, we will prepare you carefully and with the necessary know-how for this role.

Advising and Representing Companies

The company affected by governmental investigations needs a criminal law expert to protect the company's interests vis-à-vis the investigating authorities and to coordinate the management of the crisis at various levels. The rapid ascertainment of the facts of the case is the first step, after which the measures vary: Selecting individual defense lawyers and/or witness counsels, conducting internal investigations and/or employee interviews, guided examination of labour law or service contract measures, initiating or defending against civil procedural measures and any asset seizures, managing reputation management with press and public relations work, safeguarding publication obligations under capital market law, et cetera. To avoid such crises for the company, we have been advising in the preventive area for many years. We have identified weaknesses for (international) companies in a wide range of industries, developed (criminal) compliance programmes and control mechanisms and coached employees at all hierarchical levels; long before the German legislator recognised the need for preventive compliance.

Advising and Representing Injured Companies

If criminal offenses nevertheless occur, companies that have been harmed by internal or external attacks need advice from criminal law experts. We have well-established cooperations with specialized auditors, forensic experts and private investigators. If the suspicion of a criminal offence is confirmed, we file the necessary criminal charges on behalf of the company and accompany the governmental investigation as the contact person for the public prosecutor's office. In addition to safeguarding interests vis-à-vis the investigating authorities, our includes coordinating the securing of claims at home and abroad, such as through arrest and enforcement measures, for which we draw on the litigators of our long-standing national and international network of outstanding lawyers.